Nitin Vats is among very few researchers who can be called researcher by passion not just by profession. Mainly he is actively working in computer science, mathematics, neuroscience and psychology.

Nitin is the only world record holder in mental calculations who is also a professional researcher. He is best known for doing one of the toughest calculations (Factorial value of a 10 digit number) mentally in the world. One can try this on calculator or computer, it will definitely get hang!

Nitin obtained his bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering. He got opportunity to join Max plank Institute, Saarland University, Germany and other top US universities for his masters but he preferred to stay in India. As he got interest in number theory so he switched from Mechanical Engineering to Computer science and Mathematics that he studied from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Later he worked with Microsoft Research lab to do research in Cryptography. Meanwhile he got in touch with some neuroscientists so he got chance to learn how to formulate his thinking in pure scientific language. Here he realized the importance of his research what he did during setting the world records and if he could make a business model of the application of his research that can serve the big part of the society and can completely change the view of learning methodology of the world.

His research interest in cryptography is lattice based and elliptic curves based cryptosystems. His published research work includes complete crack of a lattice based cryptosystem called CTRU. Apart from it he has designed a new lattice based cryptosystem that is completely secure against most of the attacks that are more prone to original NTRU cryptosystem.

In Number theory he got few very interesting results. It includes very tight upper and lower bound of gamma function, Bernoulli numbers and Catalan numbers. His factorial formula can have wide application in numerical analysis for calculating factorial value. For an instance one can compare its accuracy with other formulae as it gives approximately same relative error with only 5 terms for which other famous formulae like stirlling, lanczose and spogue needs 3 to 4 times number of terms. He has also given one generalized expansion of gamma function. (it is under communication for publication). Right now we have only four formulae by famous mathematicians including Euler ,lanczose and spouge for expansion of gamma function.

His mission is to bring change in learning and teaching methodology. We still don’t follow totally scientific approach to learn or understand knowledge as there is no unique theory available that says how exactly we understand things.

E-learning is claimed to be the learning methodology of the twenty first century. Many companies aim to capture this market and design software to connect people or use technology to make more interactive and graspable learning material. They use suggestions from psychologists to design their educational material, aimed to make the material more accessible than the way given in conventional text books. Adding video, audio or animations by intuition that are done to make the material much easier to understand are not necessarily optimal for brain.

Understanding is a function of IQ, imagination and previous knowledge of the context that differs in each individual. He has generated the algorithmic approach to approximately quantify the energy consumed by the brain. These algorithms suggest the cheapest and most efficient way for transferring any particular type of information to the brain. The term “energy and time consumed by brain” has deep meaning. The Plan is to design educational material, virtual labs, improved alternate of research material search engines that will follow the protocols which guarantee minimum energy and time consumption of the brain.

Nitin has conducted a number of workshops and lectures on memory techniques and on the topic “future of learning” in many top institutes and corporate research labs.

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